Color Sensation Painting is a full-service professional painting company. We have year’s of experience and offer a variety of services. We offer residential and commercial painting services. We are insured and educated in the most recent painting techniques, colors, and styles. We use a variety of paint brands this makes it easier for our customers to choose exactly what they want. We are trained in eco-friendly paints and supplies. Color Sensation We have a large list of referrals that you can read and contact.

Interior Painting

We move all of your furniture, window treatments from the work area then we cover the floors with tarps for protection. Then we prepare the walls and ceilings for paint filling all holes, repairing all cracks and caulking what needs to be caulked. We inspect for water stains and seal those if they are present. We will then apply the color to your walls using only the highest quality paint and equipment as well as crews.

Exterior Painting



Power Washing

Protect your investment! Clean and stain or seal your deck to get the most out of its life expectancy.